Most of the trees on Meye are photographed in the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark. You will find that the major part of the tree library are native trees to Northern Europe and adapted to the climate there.

The photographing is done in overcast weather in order to avoid strong highlights and shadows in the foliage, thus increase the flexibility of use in renderings with light and weather conditions of any kind.

Autumn colours of Rhus typhina in the city centre of Copenhagen 

The trees are cut out with a graphic tablet from their urban background without manipulating with the original tree. The ready-to-use tree can be set on both light and dark backgrounds.

meye quercus cerris
meye quercus cerris

Trees are photographed in both summer and winter. Trees with additional seasonal interest are also photographed in spring and autumn.

Prunus avium

The library is a steadily growing collection of trees. New trees are added regularly in order to show individual trees in many seasons and sizes, thus providing some sort of timeline tool to the site.


By time it will be possible to download a handful of trees of the same kind in different sizes – from saplings to fully grown trees. The number and variety of trees will make it easy to visualize a natural looking avenue or forest stand in any stage.

Acer platanoides

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