Meye is a collection of free cutout trees from Copenhagen by landscape architect Mikkel Eye. All the trees are available as high quality PNG’s with transparent background.


The trees are free to use for anyone who wants to add plantings to their visualizations, sections, and diagrams within the fields of landscape architecture, architecture, or urban planning. However, your project should be in focus. The trees of Meye are not to be used as free standing pictures or for advertisements.

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From 2017 to now, the trees have been systematically photographed from the same angle in summer, autumn, winter, and spring in Copenhagen, Denmark.


tree map of copenhagen

Registered trees in Copenhagen





The trees are cut out from their urban background without manipulating with the original tree. The photographing is done in cloudy weather in order to avoid strong highlights and shadows in the foliage, thus increase the flexibility of use.


meye quercus cerris
meye quercus cerris

The trees can be set on both light and dark backgrounds

Acer campestre / Acer freemanii ‘Elegant’ / Acer platanoides / Acer pseudoplatanus / Acer rubrum / Acer saccharinum / Aesculus hippocastanum / Ailanthus altissima / Alnus glutinosa / Alnus glutinosa ‘Laciniata’ / Alnus × spaethii / Amelanchier lamarckii / Betula pendula / Betula pubescens / Betula utilis / Carpinus betulus / Cedrus libani / Corylus colurna / Crataegus monogyna / Fagus sylvatica / Fraxinus excelsior / Ginkgo biloba / Gleditsia triacanthos / Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Skyline’ / Larix kaempfer / Magnolia kobus / Malus domestica / Metasequoia glyptostroboides / Picea abies / Pinus sylvestris / Platanus × acerifolia / Populus tremula / Prunus avium / Prunus avium ‘Plena’ / Prunus padus / Prunus padus ‘Select’ / Quercus cerris / Quercus coccinea / Quercus palustris / Quercus petraea / Quercus robur / Quercus robur ‘Fastigiata’ / Quercus rubra / Rhus typhina / Robinia pseudoacacia / Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Nyirsegi’ / Salix alba / Sorbus aucuparia / Sorbus incana / Sorbus intermedia / Sorbus latifolia ‘Atro’ / Syringa vularis / Tilia platyphyllos ‘Ørebro’ / Tilia × europaea / Tilia × europaea ‘Pallida’ / Ulmus ‘New Horizon’ 

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